Sunday, July 22, 2007

Free Gifts

Note: I highly suggest that you install Firebug for tweaking web pages.

Facebook came out with a feature that allows you to give virtual gifts to your friends. Maybe you want to send a picture of a rose, a picture of a hamburger, or maybe a picture of handcuffs to your friend. That is all fine and dandy, but then Facebook decided to charge you $1 per gift. Most of us are too cheap to actually pay $1 to send a stupid picture to someone on the Internet. Enter Free Gifts application.

Free Gifts is just as the name would suggest. This add-on allows you to send and receive free gifts to and from your friends. Unfortunately, you can view the gifts received by anyone (friend or not), simply by altering the id number sent to the Facebook application.

Simply change the id, and you can view that person’s received gifts. You may have guessed it by now, but if not, you can send a free gift to any person that has the free gift application on their profile... friend or not.

You probably noticed while looking at some random person's received gifts, that there is a "Send a Gift" button on the top left portion of the page. Sending this person a gift is not quite as easy as simply clicking the button, but it might as well be. After you have clicked to send a gift, select the gift to send. Now, you have to choose a recipient. Select from "Friends With Free Gifts". Oh great, that person's not a friend, I can't send them a gift. Now is when Firebug starts to shine. Right click on the drop down menu of friends and inspect the element. You will see a list entry like the following.

<option value="xxxxxxxxx">My Friend</option>

Simply alter the values to reflect the person that you want to send the gift to. You can send the gift anonymously, or you can just be a creepy stalker and send the gift from your own profile.


Zach Allia said...

actually... each gift is surrounded by an "fb:can-see" so no.. you cant see anyones gifts unless that fbml tag is busted.

also being able to see other peoples gifts is intentional, you can do that with the real gift app, and I still hide anonymous and private gifts.

Standard Error said...

The gifts application given by Facebook doesn't allow you to view non friend's gifts... from what I've seen at least.

Using the info I posted, you can view anyone's public Free Gifts.

Zach Allia said...

well than that is something wrong with fb:if-can-see with the uid of the sender, because each gift is wrapped in that.

i'll look into it

Kirsty said...

There's a new app called "Naughty gifts," and I just discovered it's also possible to send those to strangers, which is even funnier.
I sent a blow up doll to some guy I don't even know! All of the gifts are sex-themed. >:D